Increasing interest has recently been shown by companies and other organisations requesting the planting of trees for colleagues who have passed away.

We can now offer you the opportunity to have your own dedicated copse located within our woodland. This copse will nuture 10 substantial saplings and will consist of a mix of indigenous trees native to the British Isles.

Each individual copse of trees will be enclosed by a wooden post and rail fence and be marked by a natural slate plaque with your wording. The copse will be accessible by your organisation’s employees, their families and friends and will act as a constant reminder of your support for natural British woodland and your organisations ability to offer a natural way to remember.

A Certificate of Plantation will be issued. These trees will grow quite rapidly to become part of a beautiful natural memorial forest to be enjoyed for years by everyone.

Yourtree encourages employees, families and friends to attend the planting and get involved in the whole process. A fantastic way to remember colleagues past. People leave the forest with a great sense of satisfaction and understanding that what they have contributed too, has made a difference.

Government statistics on carbon emission absorption rate for broadleaf trees such as the types we plant indicate that 10 kilograms of carbon emission (harmful gasses) per tree are extracted from the air that we breathe every day. A Yourtree copse will also protect and encourage a wide range a wide range of wildlife and flora.

The Yourtree Copse can be visited all year round by anyone, giving great pride and joy as they see and realise the commitment their firm or organisation has made to the environment and passed colleagues.

What the Yourtree corporate copse process involves:

Inviting colleagues and their families to help plant the trees (if you wish)
Creating a specific copse (10 trees) enclosed with wooden post and rail fence.
Your oranisation can name the copse, and decided the wording on the natural slate plaque.
Yourtree will care of the copse of trees until they can care for themselves.
Create a dedicated page for you to have linked to your company’s website, where people can read about the copse, your reasons for planting the trees and obtain directions. This will be updated annually so your employees, friends and families can enjoy watching the forest grow.
Certification will be sent to your company.

The cost for the above is a single one off payment of £5400. Yourtree can accept contributions from groups and can allow payment over time. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this service in more detail.