With future environmental needs in mind, we have given consideration to the long term development and design of the forest. Native to the British Isles they have been chosen for their strength, beauty, robustness and long life span. You are free to make a choice….

A strong and proud tree, the English Oak is the commonest tree in British broadleaved woods. In fact, throughout Europe it has been the predominant timber tree since prehistoric times. Average height 15 – 25 meters, the leaves have large deep lobes and smooth edges. There are two tiny lobes where the leaves meet the stalk, they are dark green in colour and orangey brown in autumn. Leaf burst usually occurs mid may.
Cherry The Wild Cherry is arguably the most ornamental of our native woodland trees. The ‘avium’ in the Latin name refers to birds which eat the cherries as soon as they are ripe. Average height 18 – 25 meters. Dark green leaves, a mix of yellow and crimson in the autumn. Leaf burst usually occurs mid spring and the clustered flowers early April followed by red when ripe berries in mid-summer.
Silver Birch The Silver Birch is a graceful and attractive tree with its light airy foliage with a distinctive white peeling bark. It has a very triangular leaf with double teeth up straight sides. A pretty pale green which turns golden – yellow in the autumn. Leaf burst usually occurs March to April with the catkin flower appearing April – May
Rowan The Rowan (also known as the mountain ash) is an attractive, slender tree with silvery – brown bark, creamy – white spring flowers and clusters of brilliant scarlet autumn berries. Average height 8 – 15 meters. Interesting green leaves with serrations on the edges that turn orange in autumn with Orange – scarlet grouped flowers


The slate we use is quarried from the Lake District and is called Lakeland Green Slate. Each piece is unique and can vary in colour and texture from slab to slab. We support local businesses, Pure Stone Ltd are experts in working with stone and in using CAD. A computerised machine engraves each plaque. The Diamond Head chisels out the everlasting image in stone. Within a maximum of 140 characters we invite you to inform us what your personal message on the slate plaque will be.