Your Tree Ltd intend to ensure that any natural memorial woodland owned and managed by Your Tree Ltd develops in time into a natural sustainable environment creating new habitats for wildlife and a beautiful place for all to visit. 

All Fauna and Flora remain the property of Your Tree Ltd – The purchase of a memorial tree / trees is for interment rights only. The ownership remains with Your Tree Ltd.

In order to maintain effective long term care for the forest/s, Your Tree Ltd reserve the right to replace, prune and actively manage the woodland to ensure its future. 

Your Tree Ltd accepts no liability for injury to any person, damage or loss from vehicles whilst visiting the memorial woodlands.

Your Tree Ltd intend to actively care for the individual memorial trees until they can care for themselves, the stake and plaques will be removed 20 years after the last memorial tree has been planted thus allowing the memorial trees to develop into a completely natural woodland environment.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us should you require further clarification on any of Your Tree Ltd.’s terms and conditions. 

Thank you.