Can I reserve a tree?

Yes, you can reserve any tree onsite and we will identify it with a unique reference code. Some people like to reserve a tree for themselves and visit / watch it thrive over time.

How long will the tree live for?

This is dependent on the species, please see our ‘trees’ section for a description of the different trees within the woodland.

What is the procedure when we arrive?

There is no specific procedure when you arrive at the woodland. We will discuss with you prior to the planting / dedication your preferred format. We do not provide big marques or ceremonies at the woodland. The planting is informal and intention is to allow you the time to remember your loved one. Patrick, or John will meet with you and your family if you wish at the entrance, at this point your chosen tree or new sapling will have been prepared and the plaque will be next to it. The routes of the tree will be exposed and either we or you can place the ashes with the roots and cover. 

Can I visit the tree at any time?

Yes, anytime. 365 days a year.

What happens if the tree perishes?

In the unfortunate / unlikely event that your dedicated does not survive, another sapling will be planted in the same place at no extra cost.

Can I plant / leave flowers next to the tree? 

Yes, you can leave flowers with the tree or plant flowers next to your tree. We like to keep the woodland free from plastic wrappings and non-perishable items. The idea is to create a totally natural forest where both plants and animals can thrive. 

Can I reserve a number of trees for my family?

Yes, provided the trees / locations you choose have not already been reserved. 

What will happen to the woodland in years to come? 

10 years after we have planted the last tree in the woodland the plaques will be removed and the site will become a completely natural forest.

Can I have a bench dedicated in the woodland? 

No, we wish for the forest to remain as natural as possible.

Do you have other woodlands in the UK?

Due to the popularity of the Heaning Woodland we are in the process of creating a similar woodland near Manchester, we hope you have this in operation this summer.

If your query is not answered above, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at any time and we will be happy to discuss our service in more detail.